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Do you ever nod in conversation even when you have no idea what the other person is talking about? We explain why it is good to sound stupid in a conversation.

The first rule of polite conversation is never discuss politics or religion. So when we are making polite dinner conversation, we stick to safe topics that everyone can agree on. “Hot today, isn’t it?” How boring. Learn how to discuss different points of view instead.

Some friends & family we get to see every week. To get an update, we tend to ask the same tired questions – how are you, how is work going, how was the weekend? Instead, try these conversation starters regularly to reignite your friendships and fire up your conversations.

People who constantly complain are really boring. Do you always feel negative? Try our 8 tips to be a more interesting & positive person. You’ll feel better and those around you will enjoy your company far more.

"The Language Of Love"

Early in a relationship, we hang on every word our partner says. As time goes on, we can lose interest in our partner and talk less, using conversation to bicker instead of for building the relationship. Awkward Silence looks at how we use our conversation with the one we love most.

It's the most common conversation starter but rarely starts a conversation or hardly ever gets a genuine answer. What are some alternatives to "how are you"?

Afraid of talking to someone you care about because it always leads to arguments? Try our 8 tips to turn arguments into conversations.

Early introductions need that opening synopsis about yourself. When asked to tell someone about yourself, do you draw a blank or do you set-up an interesting conversation where your new friend wants to know you more?

There is a caricature of old people being long-winded & boring. But ask the right question and you can learn a lot from someone who has been doing life a lot longer than you. There comes a time where you can't ask those questions any more or hear those stories first-hand.

Have you ever had a bad connection on the phone? It leads to frustration and miscommunication. The same happens with our face-to-face interactions. Awkward Silence discuss things that cause a bad connection and gives tips for avoiding a bad connection.

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