Words impact our relationships in so many ways.

Perhaps it was that opening line that caught the interest of the love of your life.

Maybe it was that first nervous expression of “I love you”.

Possibly it was what you said in the heat of the moment, and you didn’t mean it but she can’t ever forget it.

How we use our words with the person we care about most can have a heavy impact.

Early in a relationship, we can be so fascinated by someone that we hang on every word they say.

Over time, the puppy love stage wears off. You have heard all your partner’s good stories. You come down from the mountain top and return to the mundane. And tempers tend to get shorter.

We tell our partner something once and if days later they happen to forget it we angrily bellow “I already told you…..!” I must admit, I have a terrible memory so I sympathise with partners who get this barrage. Sometimes I need to be told something a few times before it sinks in.

Even worse, we forget that our partner isn’t a mind-reader. We think they should automatically know stuff that is obvious to us. This isn’t always the case.

This is why it is important to talk regularly. If you are feeling a certain way, make it easy on your partner and tell them.

Conversation with your partner is crucial to keeping the intimacy alive. It’s all too easy for time to pass without having significant interactions. One day, you realise you are living with a stranger.

Keep the doors of conversation open, so that the majority of your words are building each other up, affirming each other, getting to know each other continually long after you know “everything” about them. This is so much better than picking on each other, arguing, bickering and competing.

Arguments are inevitable. But let the joy outweigh the animosity.

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