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Awkward Silence founder Steven Benbow highlights why you are part of this special movement, and what it will achieve.

When we encounter someone who is grieving or in the midst of some awful life event, we rarely know what to say next.

What can Indiana Jones & his father teach us about the need for conversation?

The large volume of conversation means we can get into some unhealthy conversation habits. We list 5 of the worst offenders so you can avoid these dull conversation traps.

This controversial life-hack could stop you being dull & negative.

When meeting someone for the first time, asking what they do for a job is a dud question. Try these 10 alternatives instead.

This conversation game is great for road trips & holidays.

Some things are good for us to hear, even if they are things we already know.



"Gramps, why are we doing all this reminiscing?"
"Well it's a traditional way of filling a Christmas episode without having to shoot new scenes, all you do is have flashbacks."

(Taken from the Christmas episode of "Charlie The Wonderdog")

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