“I’m sick of talking about it.”

We get feedback about Awkward Silence telling us that people love using it as a way to get off a subject. 

One new mother told me that she had recently met up with her friends who were also new mothers. As much as you love your baby, when you are a mother living & breathing it 24/7 then it is a real treat to have a social outing. The problem she had was that the friends spent hours talking about their babies, and she got rather bored of it because this was already her whole life at the moment. She wanted to talk about something else. Anything else. And this is when Awkward Silence can step in. 

Workmates can have the same problems at social functions. They are so used to talking work with each other – that trouble file, the next deadline, whether a certain task has been done. When they get to a social function like the Christmas party, they have the relief of not having to discuss work. Except it’s not a relief because they awkwardly discover that they don’t know how to talk about anything else. They often end up talking about work out of desperation. 

This is another time when they need Awkward Silence. 

Sometimes your parents want to talk about parts of your life that you don’t really want to talk about – why you don’t get back together with that nice girl, when are you going to make me a grandchild, how come you don’t visit more. It can really help to change the subject here too. But what can you pluck out of thin air to talk about? 

Awkward Silence has alternative topics to change the subject. 

Sometimes a conversation is getting heated, and you need to divert it. Change the subject with Awkward Silence. 

Are you bored of the conversation? Is it simply something you don’t want to talk about it? You know what to do.

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