Awkward Silence provide new & interesting conversation starters weekly to subscribers. We make it easier to have better conversations.

We are the only enterprise of our kind anywhere in the world, and have subscribers on every inhabited continent.

We are passionate about bringing back the art of conversation in other mediums too, and are looking to innovate or assist in bigger projects to get people talking.

We don't need celebrity gossip. The days of vapid conversation are ending.

Let's talk about things that will inspire us. Let's talk about the things that are worthwhile of our time. Let's discuss ideas and give them legs. Let's talk about how to make the world a more interesting place. Let's talk and build bonds. Let's talk and get to know each other.



Conversation is our most important asset. It's what keeps connection alive. It's where ideas bloom. It's the life-blood of relationships.

And we have conversations many times every day with many different people.

But many conversations are redundant. People make small talk with low expectations - a meaningless courtesy rather than an exchange.

Awkward Silence are here to put the spotlight on the importance of conversation and give practical help to enhance conversation. We make it easier to have better conversations.

An uncomfortable pause in a conversation isn't necessarily a sign that you are dull. Sometimes you just need something to get the conversation moving. And that's what Awkward Silence is for.

Some people are content with having the conversations that you have had a thousand times before - asking about your job, the weather discussion, talking about sport. Awkward Silence is for people who want to take conversation to the next level.

Grow closer to your partner. Hear the stories of your loved ones. Get to see another side of your work mates. Inspire your friends.

Awkward Silence are spear-heading a conversation revolution.

Let's Talk.


Awkward Silence was established in Australia in 2015 by company founder Steven Benbow, who has written for Huffington Post and other publications.


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