Terms & Conditions for purchasing from Awkward Silence

Awkward Silence ABN 74980149076 ("Service Provider") provide conversation starters for social situations ("Service").

These terms govern your use of our Service. By using the Service you agree to these terms.

The "Purchaser" is the person purchasing the Service.

"Users" are anyone who the Purchaser uses the service with. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to ensure Users adhere to these terms & conditions.

The Purchaser can only purchase from the Service Provider if they are over 18. By purchasing from the Service Provider, the Purchaser honestly informs the Service Provider that they are over 18. No action can be taken against the Service Provider if the Purchaser has mislead the Service Provider pursuant to this clause.

Payment for the Service is made through a third party service using the shop on the website (awkwardsilence.com.au). If the Service Provider fails to provide the Service as stated, a partial or full refund will be offered.

The Service Provider does not see or retain any credit card details. Your information is entrusted with Paypal, the Internet's most trusted online payment method.

The Service Provider will provide the Service to the best of their abilities based on information provided by the Purchaser. If the Purchaser fails to notify the Service Provider of relevant changes to their details (such as email address), the Service Provider will not be responsible for failing to provide the Service.

The Service is for personal use in social situations, and its content is not for publication (in part or full) on social media or other forms of broadcast. This includes but is not exclusive to Facebook, Twitter, television, radio, websites, books, magazines. The Service Provider has sole permission to use or authorise use of the content provided in the service. Permission to publish or broadcast the contents of the Service can be requested from the Service Provider (info@awkwardsilence.com.au). 

The Service is not to be re-produced for use commercially or by the general public.

The Service is not to be resold.

It is at the Service Provider's discretion to terminate a purchaser's subscription. In such instance, the Service Provider will offer the Purchaser a full or partial refund. The Service Provider will never refuse to provide the Service based on a Purchaser's Gender, Race, Religion or Sexuality.

Where indicated that the Service has recurring billing, the subscription fee will be paid at the commencement of the Service and each year thereafter on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of the subscription unless the Purchaser or Service Provider cancel the Service. The Purchaser can terminate their subscription at any time at no expense. The Service Provider can not increase the price of the Service.

By using this Service, you take responsibility for ensuring you adhere to all relevant laws that you are subject to.

The Service is not for resale, either in its original language or translated into another language.

The Service Provider does not encourage illegal or oppressive behavior.

No action can be taken against the Service Provider by any Purchasers or Users of this service based on resulting conflict, disclosure or consequence relating to the use of the Service.

The Service Provider will not provide the Purchaser's contact details to any third party service. The Service Provider will only use the Purchaser's contact details purely for the purpose of providing the Service to the Purchaser and advising them of ways to benefit further from the Service.

If the Purchaser has any concern with the Service, the Purchaser should contact the Service Provider in the first instance to resolve the issue. The Service Provider endeavors to provide a quality service.

Last updated 6 April 2016