One of our favorite tools for you is our article 10 Questions That Will Change Your Relationship.

Questions like these are designed to take the guess-work out of a relationship, removing the unhelpful assumption that your partner is a mind-reader.

And we now have 10 more questions couples should ask each other regularly.

1. What is something I have done this week to make you feel loved? Finding out what you have done right is win-win. You feel encouraged and your partner is likelier to get a repeat of that love.

2. What is something we should do together? Brainstorm ideas for dates, holidays or simply activities to do together. Maybe even start a list on your phone or notepad. When you next have an opportunity for some quality time, you’ll have a bunch of ideas ready to go.

3. How do we want our lives to be different a year from now? Shape your future together. Be ambitious while being realistic. Discuss the circumstances under your control (ie: Don’t project that you will win the Lotto). You are on a path together, but you both have to be the GPS.

4. What area of our relationship is the weakest? What can we do about that? Sometimes one negative can infect a whole relationship. Rather than moping about it, do what you can to tackle the weak spots.

5. What is something you feel that I don’t understand about you? Whatever it is, discussing it will help. Sometimes when we are trying to communicate something difficult, we can give up due to frustration or difference of opinion. But if we spotlight it as something of concern, the issue can be given the sensitivity it needs.

6. What should we do more? Have we been forgetting to go for walks together. Is our sex-life a joke? Do we treat ourselves enough? Let’s decide to do more of the things we like & need, because we may be out of the habit of making the most of our relationship.

7. What should we do less? Do we watch too much TV? Do we complain too much rather than embracing the things we enjoy about each other? Are we more attached to our phones than we are each other? Let’s limit the things that are making us less than we should be.

8. Can we look at our old photos together? Take a trip down memory lane. Use old photos to remind you of fun experiences together. They can be a trigger to tell old stories and have some laughs. Sometimes you can even look at photos from before you were together, to learn more about each other’s past.

9. What is worrying you? What is something troubling you that we should discuss. Perhaps it’s about the relationship, perhaps not. A worry shared is a worry halved (and a joy shared is a joy doubled). Let me know what’s going on in your head.

10. What is something you want to be better at? Are you aiming to use less plastic, or eat fast food less? Do you want to make more time for exercise or family? Knowing what your partner wants to improve about themselves means you can support them in being the version of themselves they aim to be.

Conversation is the most crucial building block of any relationship.

Let’s talk.