How often are you really you?

Do people get more from interacting with you than they would a chatbot?

We live in a world where we can have whole friendships that only interact through text message. We express our emotions through emojis.

And we craft images of ourselves on Facebook & Instagram that are at best only an imitation of reality.

When it comes to our real-life interactions, there’s a temptation to be somewhat hollow.

We can shy away from being honest. We opt for banter over sincerity. We maintain facade rather than opening our hearts.

Do it long enough and people find it impossible to respond when you are being sincere. They may nervously laugh and attempt to detour when you are sharing something important.

Flex your heart when you open your mouth.

Not every conversation needs to carry your heart-on-your-sleeve or be overly earnest. But make sincerity a regular in the mix.

Take opportunities to tell people what you love or admire about them. Be honest when someone asks you how you are, especially those close to you who need to know when you aren’t OK.

This conversation landscape builds an expectation of sincerity.

It took me a long time to learn this. I had times when I would pay someone a heart-felt compliment and they would be waiting for the punchline.

And that’s the point. One day you are going to tell someone something that matters. And they won’t hear it unless they believe you are being sincere. They may not even be able to recognise sincerity.

Flex your heart when you open your mouth. Because sincerity is always better than hollow remarks.

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