Conversation will make or break a first date.

You are trying to discover if you & your date have chemistry. But it’s often in a forced atmosphere, almost like a job interview.

It’s under this kind of pressure that your mind draws blank.

Take the pressure off. Go into the date with some conversation starters up your sleeve.

“What game show would you like to be on?”
“What would be your Smurf name?”
“What is something embarrassing that you like?”
“What is the worst movie you have seen?”

Rather than getting to the date and trying to think of something to talk about, with a few conversation starters ready to go you can merely talk and get to know each other, knowing you won’t run out of things to talk about.

A handy rule for first dates is not to talk about your previous relationships. There’s no need for it. If the two of you end up in a relationship yourself, that history will probably come up for discussion at some point. But for the first date, it’s about you & your date, not you & your ex.

And with this new person to discover who has a lifetime of varied experiences to talk about, you shouldn’t have a difficult time making the date about each other.

After you’ve had some laughs and the conversation is rolling, try some deeper questions. It can help cement a connection.

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