In this game, everyone wins. 

You can be right, you can be wrong, you still win.

Awkward Silence loves to give new conversation topics to people who think they know everything each other. This is particularly true of long-term couples.

Sometimes couples don't know each other as well as they think.

So put it to the test with this conversation game. If you are right, you win because you demonstrate how well you remember things about your partner. People enjoy being known. If you are wrong, you still win because you have an opportunity to learn something about your partner.

Where are my 3 favorite places to be kissed?

Here's how the game works. You get questions and both write down your answers. Your partner then has to guess your answer. The questions can be topics like:

"What 3 things do I first think of when I remember our first date?"
"What are my 3 favorite foods?"
"What were my 3 favorite memories about our last holiday spot?"
"Apart from the lips, where are my 3 favorites places to be kissed?"
"What are 3 date ideas I want to try?"
"What are my 3 favorite things about you?"

These examples are geared towards couples, so tweek them if you using them between friends or family.

Having topics that you can pick 3 answers for increases the chance you'll get some right AND some wrong. And that's a double win!

And of course, make up your own questions. 

Put some fun back into your conversations.

Let’s talk.