How do you respond to an honest comment or question?

If someone asks you a probing question, do you head for the nearest conversational exit point? Do you diminish the question with semantics rather than addressing the heart of the topic? Do make a joke & drop the mic? Or do you instead take up the question and use it not only for rewarding conversation but to get a deeper connection with the person who asked it?

If someone pays you a sincere compliment or shares a heartfelt sentiment, do you fob it off and railroad it? Or do you instead use it to nourish yourself, knowing that you mean something to someone?

If someone asks you a challenging question, do you get annoyed & put it in the too-hard basket? Or do you instead relish the chance to grow?

If you know a friend is hurting, do you assume someone else will help them? Or do you instead step up and reach out to them?

If you have an opportunity to tell someone how valuable they are and what they mean to you, do you not bother? Or do you instead take the opportunity to tell them how you feel and affirm them?

How do you respond when connection & significance present itself? Are you ready for better conversations?

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