A great way for couples to interact is by playing games.

I’ve created an insane variant on Uno. Let’s call it SuperUno.

(If you are unaware of the cultural phenomenon that is the card game Uno, take 5 minutes to learn it.)

SuperUno plays like regular Uno except that whoever wins each round gets to make up a new rule that lasts for the rest of the game.

It may be that every time someone plays an 8 they have to make an animal noise. Or if someone plays a Draw Two they must rub their belly and say “mmm, delicious”. Or if they play a Wild they have to impersonate one of the other players. Or if they play a green card they must give someone a compliment.

After 5 or so rounds, the game starts to get very wacky. After 10 rounds it’s a bizarre symphony.

After 10 rounds it’s a bizarre symphony.

Amidst the fun, the game can take a different turn for couples.

Couples can add special rules that provoke discussion and reinforce the relationship.

Perhaps if someone plays a 3, they have to say something they love about the other. Or if they play a reverse, they have to share a random memory of the relationship. Or if they have to pick-up a card, they need to kiss the other person in a place of their choosing. Or if they say "Uno", they also need to suggest a date idea.

Suddenly a simple game is an excuse to have some sweet interactions. And there will be guaranteed smiles.

But such “rules” also generate conversation, or open your eyes to what the other thinks of you. They may even inspire new ideas for your relationship.

It’s amazing when you can walk away from a game of Uno feeling better about your relationship.

But don’t forget to add the silly rules too. Want to see your partner dance when a Skip is played, or re-enact a movie scene when they change the card color? Make it happen.

Let’s play. Let’s talk.