Two truths, one lie is a fun game to play to generate conversation.

It’s not an Awkward Silence original like others we’ve shared, but it is great value.

The rules are simple. You make three statements about yourself. Two of them are true, one is a lie.

Others around you have to guess which statement is the lie. They can ask questions about your statements to try and catch you out, so be ready to bluff a little.

It works well as an ice-breaker, a way for people to find out some interesting things about you.

Afterwards, they have learnt two new things about you.

I played this recently while holidaying overseas with a tour group. In one round, I made the following statements:

1.     I once won 50 pies in a game of poker.

2.     I record a Christmas album every year as a gift to friends & family.

3.     I once met a Beatle.

The lie was about meeting the Beatle, but I bluffed a pretty good story about Mum taking me with her to a George Harrison book-signing when I was a kid.

And my new friends bought it. While a little suspicious, they found the idea of me winning 50 pies in a game of poker too bizarre to believe, more believable than me meeting a Beatle.

We got rather addicted to the game, and found out lots of great stories about each other – near death experiences, personal habits & achievements, cheeky adventures.

The rest of the trip had a different chemistry about it. People would joke around about the new things we knew of each other. There was a new knowledge & appreciation of each other.

Try it out. It’s a fun excuse to share your best stories, and see what crazy lies you can make people believe about you.

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