I have a problem. And I want to talk about it.

You probably can’t solve this problem. You won’t be able to give me advice that can fix it.

But we should still talk, because talking is helpful even if the problem remains.

1.    Talking is cathartic: When a problem is bottled up inside, it can bounce around in my head and drive me crazy. Unloading my heart & head creates a much needed pressure release.

2.    Talking brings clarity: Talking helps articulate my struggle & my thoughts. I can process them and put them into words. And with questions or observations from an outside perspective, it can help shine a light on the reality of my situation.

3.    Talking shows that someone cares: When someone demonstrates a willingness to listen even when it’s awkward or uncomfortable, I feel valued.

4.    Talking is a step forward: Rather than just letting my thoughts paralyse me, talking sets me in motion to start dealing with the problem. In some cases, it may be the first time I admit there is a problem.

5.    Sharing struggles builds bonds: When you share your vulnerabilities with your friends, it deepens the connection between the two of you.

And who knows, you may even say something that will help bring a solution to my problem. But even if you don’t, you’ve done many helpful things.

Let’s talk.

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