The way you talk to people is impactful.

What you say can encourage people to better themselves. Or it can discourage them.

And this may be stating the obvious, but what you say to people makes up a huge percentage of how they perceive you. You’re investing in your own image every time you talk.

Are you one to dwell on the negative or do you brighten up people’s day?

Are you more likely to encourage someone or point out their flaws?

Do you respond to your partner like you are sick of them or like they are your best friend?

Is your droll use of sarcasm & light-hearted pessimism your default setting when interacting with others?

You know you’re a good person to be around, but is that what you are putting out there when you talk? How do you want others to consider you?

You’re investing in your own image every time you talk.

When it comes to being positive, you don’t need to be peppy all the time. That’s unrealistic & disingenuous.

But take note of what you say to people and how you say it. How often are you acting like the person you want to be? Is an encounter with you likely to be rewarding, or a downer?

When I suggest encouraging others, avoid false encouragement, the kind of person that emptily says “yeah, sounds great” before they have even heard your idea.

Encouragement firstly comes from listening, hearing someone out. This displays interest & respect.

If a friend’s idea isn’t great, don’t merely point out the potholes. Instead, help them flesh it out. This is constructive encouragement. And again, it demonstrates a willingness to take time with them. This is more affirming than anything.

So how do you use your conversations? Do you build up, or tear down?

Let’s talk.