Have you ever been desperate to fall in love with somebody? Is that how you feel right now?

It can change how you chat to anyone in your relationship demographic. Many don't handle it wisely if they are going through a dry spell.

Rather than interacting with people to get to know them, you quickly start fishing or clumsily flirting. You are trying to jump the gun to see if the person is an opportunity rather than getting to know them and discovering that they are a possibility.

Stop. Recognise this behaviour and stop it. This is not you at your best.

Wanting to hook-up with someone merely because they have a boob or whatever is not the best way to get into a rewarding relationship. Sure, you may be thinking that you are so hungry for love that you're happy to kiss anyone, but this is both an unhealthy & unrealistic approach to happiness.

It's also superficial & objective. You only care about what the person is, not who they are.

And this is where real conversation is important.

Conversation helps you connect with the person and see who they really are.

The more you chat to them, the more chance that genuine attraction will ignite. Proximity breeds attraction. (Smothering does the opposite.)

Attraction based on personality is personal & real. Attraction based on appearance alone is imaginary & objective.

What do you want from a relationship, what are you missing out on? Connection? Talk to someone and you are on your way.

The ability to talk to your partner is for the life of your relationship. Good looks won't last that long.

Get lost in conversation. If you are talking with no agenda but to hook-up, you aren't allowing natural chemistry & connection to take place.

Let’s Talk.