If our pets could talk to us, we’d probably tell them to clean up their own mess.

Perhaps they only pretend that they can’t speak. After all, children learn to speak by hearing language. Why not animals? It’s because they want us to clean up their mess.

Regardless, talking to your pets is important.

When my girlfriend first got a cat, the poor little kitten was very afraid of being in a new environment. He found what he thought was the safest place in the laundry and did his best to hide there for the first few days. Efforts to pick him up or pat him were met with terror.

I told my girlfriend to go in and talk to him. Just sit near him and talk. She wasn’t sure what to talk about but she did it, talking about anything she could think of.

It helped the kitten feel comfortable, and it helped my girlfriend connect with her new pet. The sound of her voice & the time together built trust. It was the starting point for an affectionate cat today. But those early days of no talking had no immediate rewards.

It was a lesson I learnt from my Dad when handling horses. Talk to them so they are familiar with you. In the process, you can’t help feeling like you are making a friend.

Your pets value you more than anything in the world. Interactions with you are always important to them.

Not sure what to talk to them about? Answer a few Awkward Silence questions from your subscription.

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