Since I started using Awkward Silence, I find some places are particularly rewarding to use it.

On road trips: With friends in a confined space for a long period, you have plenty of time to explore topics. Pass the miles by having some laughs, swapping perspectives and sharing some personal feelings. It will make the journey itself an experience. Pick one conversation starter after another.

On romantic walks or over dinner: Go for daily walks with your partner or have a dinner date, away from the distraction of the TV. Getting to know your partner regularly is what keeps the connection alive. Some won’t do this for fear of not being able to engage by not knowing what to talk about. But an Awkward Silence conversation starter breaks down these concerns.

With parents: I often joke that I use Awkward Silence to steer the conversation away from the things my parents tend to talk about. But catch-ups with my parents using Awkward Silence is a good way to hear their stories (ie: your family history) before it’s too late.

In waiting rooms: Waiting rooms have one purpose – waiting. Most people don’t tend to enjoy waiting, but a gripping conversation will pass the time better than anything else. Start one up using Awkward Silence.

At parties: We’ve said it a million times – ditch the “what do you do for a job/how’s work going?” conversation and have a really interesting conversation instead. If you are at a wedding reception sitting next to someone for an extended period, don’t make perpetual small talk. It’s tiresome & dull. Throw in an Awkward Silence question to get the conversation rolling.

When hiking: Similar to road trips, when with friends for an extended period have an in depth conversation. It’s the perfect opportunity to really explore topics & ideas. And because you’re walking at the same time, it makes the thinking time less uncomfortable.

Late at night: In the small hours, perhaps slightly worn down from the day, people can let their guard down. And this often makes for the best conversation.

When you use Awkward Silence regularly, people will start asking you to pull it out. So make a habit of it.

I wonder how Awkward Silence will grow. Who will be the first to start up an Awkward Silence Meetup group with the express purpose of asking each other Awkward Silence questions? When will someone make it a verb (and what will that verb be?).

Have you got a favorite place to use Awkward Silence that we’ve missed?

Let’s Talk.