Why would you want to receive an email from Awkward Silence every week of the year? With 52 weeks in the year, we give you 52 reasons why subscribers love Awkward Silence.

1.       Awkward Silence makes starting conversation easy.

2.       Using Awkward Silence leads to conversations we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

3.       Awkward Silence provide the right mix of fun & deep questions.

4.       When a conversation is quiet & struggling, Awkward Silence makes it interesting & lively instead.

5.       Awkward Silence gives me an excuse to ask my family about their past.

6.       It makes me appear more interesting when I ask interesting questions.

7.       Awkward Silence helps pass time constructively when stuck in traffic jams, queues and waiting rooms.

8.       Some of their conversation starters are hilariously bizarre.

9.       I find out new things about others when using Awkward Silence.

10.   I can use Awkward Silence to relax with friends.

11.   Awkward Silence has interesting videos.

12.   The conversations distract me from thinking about annoying things.

13.   Bigger conversations have grown my relationships much deeper.

14.   The Awkward Silence questions inspire me to better things, just by asking the questions I need to be asked.

15.   Awkward Silence have handy ice-breakers.

16.   Awkward Silence is a great tool for having meaty relationships on road trips.

17.   It’s a wonderful alternative to discussing the usual dull topics people talk about.

18.   I’m rediscovering my partner with Awkward Silence.

19.   Awkward Silence gives me a chance to share my heart with people.

20.   It’s made date night much more engaging.

21.   Awkward Silence makes time with my grandparents really enjoyable.

22.   It’s fun to use Awkward Silence.

23.   Awkward Silence send new conversation starters each week.

24.   I don’t feel a need to wrap up a conversation with a friend through fear of running out of conversation. I know there’s always something else to talk about, so I get to spend longer with them.

25.   Awkward Silence stops me getting bogged down in small talk and instead helps me have rewarding hearty conversations.

26.   I can use Awkward Silence to steer the conversation away from what my parents want to talk about.

27.   I’m sick of people asking me about the same thing, so I use it to bring up other topics.

28.   Awkward Silence makes me realise that I’m not so boring.

29.   I can pick my favorites and use them often.

30.   Awkward Silence doesn’t rip you off or try to upsell you before you can use it. You buy the subscription and use it, simple as that.

31.   I’d much rather discuss Awkward Silence questions instead of telling people about my job.

32.   I like getting something fun in my inbox.

33.   It costs less than $1 a month for hundreds of new things to talk about. Amazing value.

34.   It gets me offline and having real world interactions.

35.   Awkward Silence is engaging & thought-provoking.

36.   The variety of conversation starters brings my attention to issues I hadn’t considered before.

37.   Awkward Silence have great articles & tips on their website.

38.   The weekly updates are a catalyst to start new conversations.

39.   I love being part of a global conversation.

40.   Awkward Silence provide me with conversation bait.

41.   I love expressing my opinion.

42.   Awkward Silence is an easy way to get my workmates talking about something other than weather & sport. I can discover who they are instead.

43.   Encounters with me are much more memorable because of the unusual conversation topics Awkward Silence provide.

44.   It gives me an opportunity to hear old stories about my relatives.

45.   Awkward Silence is ad-free. Nothing but content.

46.   The conversation starters are an easy way to change the subject.

47.   Awkward Silence is handy when I haven’t seen someone for a long time and I’m not sure where to start a conversation with them. It gives me specific topics instead of asking vaguely “how have you been” over & over.

48.   Conversation with others helps me figure out who I am. It brings out my identity.

49.   It’s exciting getting that new email every Thursday, seeing what new topics I’ll be talking about this week.

50.   The questions remind me of good memories, and gives me an excuse to tell them.

51.   Awkward Silence gives me a chance to discuss things I’ve been wondering about.

52.   It’s surprising to hear the variety of answers I’ll get to an Awkward Silence conversation starter over the course of the week.

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