Gossip magazines are for the dullest people on earth. Gossipers are not worth a second of your time.

Why? Because you are far more interesting than that.

You really don’t care that Justin Bieber smoked a bong. You’re bored hearing about Kardashians being morons. You aren’t stupid enough to enjoy petty updates about Kanye West.

Some people fall into the gossip mag traps. They strive to entertain their brain but are too lazy & uninspired to do it properly.

It’s like drinking from a poisonous trickle, when you could instead be gulping from a bountiful waterfall.

Others try to spice up their conversations by gossiping about your common friends. They gossip about you too.

They need to have a real conversation instead.

You can talk without needing something to gossip about. It’s just a matter of putting a little effort into your conversations, and being real with each other.

The effort isn’t hard at all when you use Awkward Silence’s weekly conversation starters.

Let’s Talk.