Who are your special people?

Who are those closest to you, the ones who brighten your day, the ones you would deeply miss if they were gone?

Chances are they are your closest friends and relatives.

You have a duty to these people to be there not only in the good times but also the hard times.

This can sound like a pain, and it can be painful. But it's also an esteemed privilege.

And people often come away from these hard times saying "you learn who your real friends are".

We all want to feel like we are winning at life, but the truth is that we all need help sometimes.


Conversation can build a close connection with people. The people that become special to you don't often do it deliberately. It happens naturally.

But when tragedy strikes, such as the death of a loved one, the verge of a breakdown, a bad diagnosis, or a relationship gone wrong, you need to help them talk about it. It won't feel as natural. But push through.

On the other side, when tragedy affects you then you need to open up to your special people.

Even couples can sometimes struggle to have a real conversation with each other because for too long they have been in cruise control.

We all want to feel like we are winning at life, that we don't need help. But the truth is that we all need help sometimes, we don't always have it going our way.

So be vulnerable. It's more rewarding than you'd think.

When your special people are struggling to keep it together, you may need to initiate the conversation.

Practicing deeper conversations on a regular basis makes it easier to open up.

Feel like you don't have any special people in your life? Try a Meetup group. It's a great way to find people who are also looking for new friends.

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