My favourite conversations are the ones that I’m still chewing on and ruminating over for days to come.

I love when someone presents an idea or point of view that I’d never considered before. Even if I ultimately disagree, it flexes my mind to consider new things.

The conversations that do this tend to be outside the square. They are less obvious. They are deeper, more likely to pierce the ordinary & predictable.

Or they cut down to our essence as people and leave you reflecting intensely on life.

Are you allowing these conversations to happen, or do you limit yourself to chit-chat? Is your conversation often disposable?

Is your conversation often disposable?

Not every conversation will be a marvellous revelation. But we can have an attitude to conversation that is much more inclined to leave an impression.

Don’t be afraid of taking the conversation up a level. Don’t be afraid of discussing life’s mysteries. Don’t be afraid to say something important.

When you do, people will think on your words long after you’ve left.

Sometimes it will be a curious topic. Sometimes it will be a challenge that is worth some thought.

Other times, it will be an affirmation that will stick with people. You said words they needed to hear.

What is your attitude to conversation? And will it echo profoundly?

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