If you aren’t quick to get an Awkward Silence question in, you’ll often find that people will try to talk to you about weather & sport.

Why are they such regular discussion topics?

Weather & sport are pretty easy topics to have in common with almost anyone.

Both of these topics are OK talking points…in moderation.

Extraordinary acts of weather are certainly worth talking about, like lightning storms or flash floods. However, the fact it’s either raining, hot or cold today isn’t worthwhile conversation.

Sport is the same. I love footy & cricket as much as the next person. Talking about the game on the weekend or a brilliant goal or play is a good topic. Still talking about it on Tuesday & Wednesday is a sign that you are just using it as filler conversation.

It’s automatic to talk about these things constantly. They are social conventions – detrimental social conventions.

Topics like weather & sport mean you can carry on a conversation without putting in any thought or effort. They are impersonal & sterile conversations.

For some, it’s merely a polite attempt to get the conversation going. But there is a better way.

Both of these topics are OK talking points…in moderation.

Having a few Awkward Silence topics up your sleeve is a more innovative way to get started. They take conversations in new directions and generally into unexplored territory. The conversations are also memorable.

A new topic requires both people to be present in a conversation. And that’s the whole point of conversation – to connect & engage.

Putting the slightest effort into your conversation will yield much better results. The conversations will be more hearty, more interesting, more informative & more rewarding.

Better conversations don’t need to be hard. But they will require a deliberate effort to buck the social conventions of weather & sport conversations.

Let’s Talk.