It’s funny when people say “drive safely” as you leave. Perhaps you were intending to drive dangerously, but they have made you rethink your plans? Even better is "have a safe flight", like you have any say in the matter.

It's a polite parting comment, perhaps the same as wishing someone well.

I was watching the French film With Love…From The Age Of Reason recently, a film about not being so bland in our lives. And I was delighted by the following exchange as the main character departed:

Old man: Become who you are.
Marguerite: Why do you say that?
Old man: Because it’s not as lame as the usual: “Drive safely and call me when you arrive.”

What do you say as people leave? Is it something lame?

Here is our challenge for you today – what parting words can you start using regularly?

Your parting words are the last lingering note that people depart from you with. If you can make them feel inspired, amused or empowered as they leave, they’ll feel positive about the time spent with you and subconsciously be attracted to spending time with you again.

Imagine the reaction you’d get by saying…

“Bring some cake next time.”
“Keep an eye out for miracles.”
“I’ll write to you every day.” (Note: You don’t have to literally do that, but it’s nice to hear.)
“Stay beautiful.”
“Don’t forget to have some ice cream.”
“Send me a postcard.”
“Go. The world needs more you.”

We can make suggestions for parting words that will be your signature, but we encourage you to personalise your own parting words. Perhaps have a variety you can use.

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