I love conversation.

The people I get along with best are those who are willing to engage in conversation. Not just have a conversation, engage in conversation. They are interacting with you.

Some great conversations come out of nowhere. You meet someone at a party, some topic connects between the two of you and a conversation starts up that you end up talking at length about. Sometimes I'm halfway through hearing personal stories about somebody when I realise I don't know their name.

Vulnerability is the key to a great conversations.

In road-testing the Awkward Silence conversation starters, I've had lots of excellent conversations. Some fun, some deep. Both in conjunction build intimate connections.

Vulnerability is the key to a great conversations. People are easily captivated by someone who is sharing something real of themselves. Similar to a naked person catching your eye, a person exposing their revealing honest thoughts will catch attention too. But more than being captivating, vulnerability builds trust in relationships.

Sometimes we get in the habit with people we know well of being satisfied with small talk. We never bother to make the conversation take an unexpected course. Awkward Silence conversation starters can help start a conversation with delightful surprises, helping you see a new side to someone you know "everything" about.

Let's talk!