Remember when hands-free phone set-ups first started happening in cars. You would pull up next to someone in traffic and see them having a hearty conversation all alone. And you would think at first that they were a nutter.

Do you ever talk to yourself?

Is it a sign of madness? Is it healthy?

The mind is a mystery in how it works. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are bouncing around in my head without any kind of leash, and it's difficult to pin them down.

Talking out loud to yourself can be beneficial in terms of articulating your thoughts. If you are feeling confused or overwhelmed, perhaps it's time those thoughts escaped your brain.

This can be done verbally, or it can be done by writing down your thoughts. The advantage to writing them down is that you can read the thoughts back and analyse yourself. It's a good method for self-reflection.

Using some of your Awkward Silence conversation starters on yourself (if you haven't be able to use them with someone else that week) can be useful. Often there are questions in your weekly subscription that aim to get people reflecting deeper on themselves.

I thought I would be an expert on me, but it's surprising how often I learn something new about myself.

I don't believe there is anything wrong with talking to yourself, especially if you are by yourself.

Don't be shy to talk to yourself. Don't be slow to get to know yourself. Don't be a stranger.

Let's Talk!