I was talking to someone recently about school reunions. She said she was reluctant to go to them.

The reason she was reluctant was because she wasn't sure what she would be able to talk to her old school mates about.

The people we see regularly can be easier to chat to because you can discuss everyday matters with them. Perhaps you discuss what happened in this week's Survivor episode because you each want to debrief on it. Perhaps you get an update about their Tinder luck.

But people you haven't seen in a while can be different, you may not want to discuss the everyday things so much. There may be a quick update if you have had a change of job, engagement or child, or their may be some laughing about an old memory. These can dry up in a hurry though.

How do you even begin to answer a question like that?

There's also the awkward "How have you been?" when you haven't seen someone in 10 years. How do you even begin to answer a question like that?

Awkward Silence can take the stress out of these situations. Once you've done the token catch up, try some interesting conversation. Pull out your weekly Awkward Silence conversation starters and try some of them with your friends. Don't just get an update, get to know them again.

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