I once lived in a flat. There was a lot to hate about this flat. It was cold & mouldy. The landlord was a scumbag and never repaired anything. It had a problem with mice.

But there was one thing I loved about this flat – my neighbours.

We were one of 16 flats connected. I knew most people living in them. If I bumped into a neighbour when arriving home, I would always stop for a chat. We would exchange small gifts at Christmas and collect each other’s mail if one was on holiday. Most were quite friendly and it was never a chore to chat with them. I was reluctant to leave because the neighbours were so lovely.

You can’t buy good neighbours. It’s a fluke.

Making an effort to chat to neighbours pays big dividends. But it’s often a thing you need to start soon after moving in. If you set the precedent early of politely ignoring each other, this will be the pattern for years.

A friendly hello can go a long way. Introduce yourself at the first opportunity, and write down their name if need be. Learn about their hobbies & interests so you always have something to enquire about.

Offer to collect their mail or keep an eye on their place if they are away. They will tend to reciprocate.

If you are having a party that is likely to be noisy and potentially annoying, let them know in advance so they won’t misinterpret you as being inconsiderate.

And don’t be afraid to say to them that you love having them as neighbours so they feel appreciated.

Neighbours are a fact of life. Make that a good thing through conversation.

Let’s Talk.