When meeting someone, you may not remember everything about them. But if you can take away one nugget of information about them, it will do you well the next time you meet them.

By recalling a fact about your new friend, you demonstrate that they are memorable.

“Hey David. You’re the guy who likes Feng Shui, right?”
“Hi Julie. How’s that murder mystery you’re writing coming along?”

It doesn’t have to be a particularly important fact about them. But in simply demonstrating that they were memorable at all, you make them feel appreciated. No one wants to be forgettable.

In turn, they’ll appreciate you for sparing the mental space to distinguish them.

And best of all, it’s the start of you getting to know them.

In demonstrating that they are memorable, you make them feel appreciated. No one wants to be forgettable.

However, if you meet them a number of times and keep mentioning this one thing about them, it’s time to learn something new about them. Or a few things.

You don’t want to keep rehashing the same conversation. It will wear thin, feel cheap, and make you look like a one-trick pony.

Diversify the conversation topics. If you know about their movie tastes, ask them about their travel goals. If you about their hobbies, ask about their bucket list.

And always sprinkle some Awkward Silence questions into the mix. You never know where those conversations can lead.

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