We discussed previously how our conversations impact the world, bringing significance to our lives.

But there are other ways our conversations impact those around us, often in a much more personal way.

Our conversations with our children & niblings (ie: nieces & nephews) impact how they grow. We need to teach them life lessons, like respect for others, or how to be generous. More importantly, our conversations & time with them make them feel affirmed & loved.

Our conversations with our partner are constantly either drawing us closer to them or drifting us away. Too many neutral conversations with our partner will not foster a growing relationship. Conversation is the most important building block of a relationship. When did you last connect your heart with your partner’s?

Conversations that advocate diversity, inclusion, empowerment & equality advance our society

A conversation with someone who is homeless or lonely can be extremely impactful. It takes a kind heart to invite yourself into someone’s sadness & hurt. To show someone that others care about them is life-changing.

Our conversations with friends makes them feel valued & appreciated. This impacts in little ways over a long period that add up to a big impact on the quality of their life.

Any conversation where we shutdown evils like racism, sexism, bigotry, misogyny & all forms of injustice impact the world one interaction at a time, to show that hateful behaviour is an oppression on the humanity of everyone & will not be tolerated. On the flipside, conversations that advocate diversity, inclusion, empowerment & equality advance our society.

We impact the world of those around us often without realising it. When did you last have a conversation that impacted the world for the better?

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