It’s an honor and a treat to hear a secret.

Being told a secret is a sign of trust. You have built the friendship up to a point where your friend tells you something that they choose to keep hidden from most.

Trust comes over time, over many conversations. Trust can take a long time to gain, and moments to lose.

Having the vulnerability to reveal something personal to someone is a key building block for building a genuine relationship. Otherwise, you will only have a surface level friendship.

But some can take advantage of that vulnerability to spice up their next conversation.

If someone is disclosing someone else’s secrets to you, they will disclose your secrets to others. They aren’t to be trusted.

Don’t be closed up to ever sharing. Not everyone discloses secrets. But if you notice this behavior in a friend, be wary of sharing your secrets with them. Share your secrets instead with a friend who can be trusted.

Do you want to hear a secret? Be worthy of hearing it.

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