You might have a bit to say if I told you I was rehearsing for a play, giving up TV for a week or had taken up kick-boxing.

Making conversation doesn’t just come about by asking questions. Conversation is talking about experiences too. 

Taking up a new activity or hobby is a great way to generate conversation. You have new experiences that you are keen to share, and others will have things they want to ask you about it. 

I came across a post on social media recently of a girl named Caitlin who is going to live from only one tap of water for a week as part of TEAR’s “Live On One Planet” challenge. It’s her way of empathising with people in third world countries who don’t have the easy access to water we have, as well as drawing attention to the issue.

Her simple water canister will be a conversation starter in itself.

As much as I completely respect what she is doing, I couldn’t help also noting that she is going to have plenty of conversation for the next week and lots of friends curious to ask her more about it. Her simple water canister will be a conversation starter in itself.

Not only that, it’s an experience that she will randomly recall in conversation for years to come.

If you have been living on repeat, try something new. When next someone asks “what have you been up to?”, you’ll have a great response: “I’m doing an adult course on pottery”, “I’ve started writing a book about unusual pets”, “I’m trying a week of sugar-free recipes”. 

Let’s Talk.