I've heard it said that when people experience something, it's like it didn't happen unless they can post it on social media.

People race to get that perfect Instagram photo when they get to their holiday spot. They have a profound or amusing thought, and post it on Facebook to see who likes it. It’s only an experience if we can share it.

The "likes" that pour in are an attempt to feel validated. Or important. Or simply noticed for a moment.

And while we are looking for this validation in the cyber world, we often ignore our partner in the real world.

One of the best things about being in a long-term relationship is having someone who you can share your life with.

So when you have a profound thought, say it to your partner & let them respond before getting drive-by bite-sized comments online.

Take a photo, and text it to your partner. They will like that you thought of them when wanting to share it. That's a “like” that's worth more than a hundred digital likes.

Be the one who validates your partner & let them validate you.

And if your partner is sharing these little things with you, take the time to listen.

Be the one that your partner confides in, delights in, tells unusual discoveries too.

Be the one who validates your partner & let them validate you.

Notice your partner. Talk to them more then you do your "followers".

All these little conversations add up to something big.

Share your life with the one who your share your life with.

Let’s talk.