You need to keep up.

People change. What they were isn’t necessarily who they are. Not entirely at least.

I’m currently reading a biography on an historic figure, and I notice that sometimes they suggest he contradicts himself by saying one thing and then years later he says something else.

If someone wrote about me, I would hate to think that things I said years ago would still be considered my current point of view.

Because I, like everyone, change. I learn, I grow, I experience.

Some aspects may stay the same, but others won’t.

Often the idea we have of a person can be an outdated one

And all too often, the idea we have of a person can be an outdated one. That can even be true of people we are close to, like family or a spouse.

This is why we need to talk often. Open conversation helps us keep up with each other, it updates.

People aren’t mind-readers, they won’t always assume you think differently to what you once did.

Talk regularly about a variety of things. Even if you think you know how someone feels about something, discuss it again. Maybe there’s been a shift.

Often conversation is part of our personal evolution as we are exposed to different viewpoints & different ways of thinking.

Even if you know someone, get to know them again.

Let’s Talk.