For anyone that has been in a long-term relationship, there is an affliction that most of us have received at some point – the silent treatment.

Perhaps you did something extremely offensive, stupid or pig-headed. Your partner has had enough of your foolishness so puts the wall of silence up between you.

There is a state of uneasiness. You implore them to talk to you. You keep getting blocked out.

Why is it so painful to get the silent treatment from your partner?

It’s because relationships require communication. When that communication stops, even for a short period, there is a disconnection.

Over time, our partners become a part of us. We need them. When we are disconnected from them, it’s like losing an arm. We feel a sense of loss, not quite ourselves.

And until you can reconnect with them, you can’t discuss the issue at hand or get them to understand your regret.

It reaffirms our need for communication in a relationship. We need to talk regularly to stay connected.

While the silent treatment is often the result of an argument, at other times it creeps in unintentionally without animosity. But the effects are the same. As a couple, you can talk less & less as the relationship loses its shine and a certain drudgery can creep in. Then one day, you discover you don’t know how to talk to your partner anymore.

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