Skype & Facetime are great ways to keep in touch with those who are separated from you by distance. And they can be very awkward.

When I was younger, if you wanted to talk to someone overseas you had to make a long-distance phone call. Not only was this expensive, but it sucked a lot of the merit out of a conversation. So much is communicated non-verbally that a lot of the interaction is lost if you aren’t looking at the person.

Skype & Facetime are much more enjoyable ways to interact. It’s terrific for catching up with relatives, seeing nephews or nieces playing, or gazing into the eyes of your long-distance love. Wives have been able to keep in touch with their army husbands serving overseas.

But it’s not without its shortcomings. There is an awkwardness when your quality time is lacking in quality conversation. Not to mention wondering how long the quiet pause has to be before you start making-up reasons as to why you need to end the call.

This is when conversation starters help.

You are talking to this person because you enjoy talking to them. Just because you have a momentary lapse in conversation doesn’t mean you are suddenly less interesting to each other.

Pick out a conversation starter from your weekly Awkward Silence subscription and you will get the discussion rolling again.

In doing so, you bring the quality back to your quality time.

Let’s Talk.