A lot of people get awkward the moment someone starts talking about God.

And this is any god, any religion. Stuff that is beyond what popular science believes.

There are many reasons for this. Religion is uncool. A lot of people who discuss religion often sound like nutters. The topic seems out-dated. Dumbing down the subject makes it easy to belittle.

And for a lot of people, religious organisations have been a source of negativity.

But there comes a time in this life when we all ponder the things in this life that are beyond us, beyond science. Why are we here? How are we here? Where are we headed? Is there something more?

What gets my goat is that “Religion” should be the most exciting topic of all. Is there an afterlife? Can we have a real purpose to our lives? How can we love our enemy, when it seems about as easy as levitating? To what extent is self-interest moral? Is there an experience of the divine that we can achieve? All the vital questions have been dumped in favour of half-baked, po-faced rituals which are basically a form of middle-class rain dance.
— John Cleese

We should be confident to elevate the spiritual mysteries past the failings of religion.

Religion doesn’t have all the answers. Neither does science. And there is a good reason for this, we are dealing with something outside of our comprehension – the fifth dimension in a four dimensional world.

Steve-Vizard-1 (2).jpg
Science gives us facts, it gives us a framework. But It doesn’t give us the meaning of that framework. That’s what religion is. And man is always searching for the meaning. So no matter how much science describes these things, no matter what progress we make in terms of calculating the length of the universe, the breadth of this or the height of that or the time of this it actually won’t say one thing - what does it mean for me? Where do I stand in relation to that? And that’s the search for God.
— Steve Vizard

Yet just because we can’t comprehend these mysteries in their fullness shouldn’t stop us from pondering them. It can be a rich source of conversation.

If you are having those questions about the spiritual, have an open discussion with others. Share ideas rather than answers.

A God that we could understand would be a very small God indeed.
— Martin Luther

Show respect for different beliefs & disbeliefs. When we start arguing about which belief is right like we are debating which sporting team is the best, it turns into a competition. If you simply discuss your beliefs & questions, you might uncover a side of yourself that you weren’t aware of.

It may even help you glimpse the unperceivable fifth dimension.

Let’s talk.