Sieze the day. Live each moment like it's your last. Make every day special.

They’re the kind of rubbish slogans you see on lame unhelpful motivational posters and half-arsed memes.

Is Carpe Diem a load of crap?

I've realised lately that despite how short our lives are, not every moment is a miracle to be celebrated or squandered. A lot of life is simply groundwork. 

You may work at a job you don't care for to make an income. You need to cook & clean. You are often in transit.

And while we can mitigate how "wasted" these moments are, these aren't the moments life is about.

This home truth may seem like a downer. But another truth is this - each day can at least be a little special by attempting to distinguish the day in some way.

Perhaps it is by chatting to that person at work who you haven't made the effort to get to know yet. Perhaps it is by asking your family a question you haven't asked them before. Perhaps it is by trying something new with your spouse.

That something new may be as simple as trying a new food, watching a random unknown movie from your entertainment provider, or picking an activity like mini-golf, 10 pin bowling, indoor rock-climbing, visiting a museum or doing an art class.

Our wealth lies not in money but in our friendships & memories

And sometimes you really do need to take some time to make the most of life. Go on a trip. Enter an eating competition. Organise a ludicrous game with your friends. While groundwork is a fact of life, it's not what we live for. Seize opportunities.

These life opportunities don't come along every day. But they do come along. Be aware enough to grab them.

All these activities are things you will be talking about for days to come, perhaps even years.

You have one life to live. Make it special. Make each day memorable or notable in some way.

It may not be every moment of every day. But there should be a moment in every day that makes it all worthwhile.

For many of us, our wealth lies not in money but in our friendships & memories.

What will you remember about today?

Let's talk.