Where do ideas comes from?

I can’t help thinking in the long-term that this is what will set us apart from robots & computers. Technology can compute information quicker than us. It will be able to perform tasks quicker & better than us.

But computers can’t originate ideas. Ideas come from the mystery of the human mind.

The mind isn’t a tree though, and ideas aren’t fruit that we can pick from it any time we like.

Sometimes we need a little inspiration to produce an idea. And on the course of thinking on a new line, we can stumble on an idea trail. If we follow it, that idea starts to take shape.

This is what will set us apart from robots & computers.

Creative people are talented at recognising these trails and knowing when to follow them.

Conversation is a great starting point to discover an idea trail.

A conversation is unpredictable, so it can take you to an unknown place. In this unknown place we have new thoughts, new ideas. And as we continue to explore these ideas through conversation, those ideas will bloom.

The less common the question, the more likely the conversation will go to new places.

Sometimes the way to find an answer is to ask the right question.

Unlock your mind. Conversation is a catalyst for discovering the unknown.

Let’s Talk.