Here are some practical tips to get the most out of your Awkward Silence subscription:

1. Add us to your contacts/safe senders list: This ensures we end up in your inbox, and not in your spam folders. This is especially important for Hotmail, Outlook and Live users who have very zealous spam filters. Occasionally quality content like ours get mislabled. We do our best to avoid this happening, but take 10 seconds to add as a safe contact and you will ensure you get the content you are paying for.

2. If you are a Gmail user, move us to your Primary Tab: Gmail sometimes file Awkward Silence in your "Promotional" tab, due to us having numerous subscribers. You want us in your Primary tab, so that you see us straight away. The best way to ensure this is to drag our email to your Primary tab if you see us in your Promotional tab. Soon we start turning up in your Primary tab automatically. And it sends a message to Google to respect your Awkward Silence emails.

3. Add us on Facebook & Twitter: It's a handy way to get updates and conversation tips. 

4. Start a special Awkward Silence folder in your email cabinet: Put your old Awkward Silence emails in there, so that you can revisit them.

5. Use us out of habit: Your weekly Awkward Silence email can be used anywhere any time you need it. But pick a setting during the week when you will use it out of habit - on your morning walk, in your lunch break, during your coffee catch-ups.

6. When you get your weekly email from us, note your favorite conversation starter: Picking one or two to remember means you can quickly think to use them in conversations. Enjoy the variety of answers you get throughout the week.

7. Use the Awkward Silence "Subscibers Only" link in your email: That way you can look at 40 conversation starters at a time. It gives you more variety, or more options if you have used up your ten conversation starters for the week.

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