One of the many benefits of conversation is that it's motivational.

One way it's motivational is in the answers we give... particularly the answers we don't like to give.

"What's new?"
"Ahhhhhh... nothing."

"What do you do with yourself?"
"I'm a (insert lame job, followed by a sad face)"

When you keep giving the answer you don't want to give, it motivates you to change.

Are you giving dull answers when asked what you have been up to lately? It's time to take up a new hobby or interest.

Disappointed in listing your dull career as what you do with yourself? It's time to focus on your life's work, even if this isn't your paid work. What will be your legacy? What is the greater account of "what you do", and who you are?

If you're hearing a friend give answers about their life that they clearly aren't happy with, discuss with them what they can do to change the answer.

Ask them what they want the answer to be, and how they'll get there.

How often will you repeat your lacklustre answers? Change the answer.

Let's talk.