One of the greatest things to emerge from Hollywood in recent years is not a movie.

It’s the #askhermore movement.

The basic idea behind the Ask Her More push is that women on the red carpet should be asked about more than their dress. Ask them about them.

People are so much more than their appearance. In reality, their appearance has very little bearing on whether they are someone you would want for company in the long run.

Is it an achievement to be good-looking?

While it can be easy to judge someone at face-value, it’s also unreliable. You have to talk to the person, get to know them, see what they are about.

For some, their appearance is an extension of their creativity. You may see their wild hairstyle or fun t-shirt and be curious as to the person behind it.

But the catch-cry of “dress to impress” is a misleading one.

There needs to be a person behind there. Your personality is what keeps people coming back for more. Your personality is the thing people appreciate about you.

Is it an achievement to be good-looking?

Do you spend more time doing your hair or learning new things? Do you spend more time shopping for dresses or bettering yourself?

A key building block of personality-building is having diverse conversations with a range of people. It goes in ever-growing circles. Conversations make you more interesting. Being more interesting makes people want to talk to you more.

So ask her more. And be more. Let’s not be deceived by image over substance. Let’s not drink from dry wells.

And if you are the type that think women are only good for one thing, ask her more than what it will take to get her into a bedroom. If you are objectifying women, you are missing out on the best side of them.

Let’s not treat women as mere eye-candy. And let’s not feed that misconception either.

Let’s talk.