Conversation is so valuable yet so under-valued. It’s more important than you think.

1.    Conversation creates connection: The more you talk to someone, the more you bond. The joy of connecting & making new friends is one of life’s great rewards. And by connecting with others, you become bigger than yourself.

2.    Conversation is the life-blood of relationships: Without conversation, relationships die. And not just romantic relationships either. Friendships & families need to talk to keep the connection alive. When the conversation is vibrant, the relationship is vibrant.

3.    Conversation is necessary for communication: When people don’t talk, they invent speculation that isn’t there. People jump to assumptions because they aren’t on the same page. Even written communication methods tend to lose a lot of their intention & manner by not being done in person.

4.    Conversation shares information: Conversation is a handy tool for finding out information. For example, discussing someone’s travel experiences can give you tips for your own. For couples, it’s important to share information and not assume the other reads minds. It saves conflict in the long run.

5.    Conversation sparks ideas & creates synergy: Conversations are the mixing bowls that great ideas emerge from. By discussing an idea with someone, they can help flesh it out.

6.    Conversations help you grow: By exposure to a wide range of ideas & experiences, conversation gives us a chance to grow into something beyond ourselves.

7.    Conversations force you to articulate: You may have ideas or opinions bouncing around in your head, but by sharing them with others you are forced to pin your thoughts down. In doing so, you discover what you really think. You discover yourself.

8.    Conversations are fun: Conversations can make you laugh, can be fascinating, and can cheer you up.

9.    Conversation gives you a sense of value: When someone takes the time to listen to you, they demonstrating appreciation for you. They may not agree with you in everything, but value your perspective.

10. Conversations challenge you: Conversations expose you to a variety of opinions. Sometimes a need to defend those opinions will help you to fully realise those opinions or discard them.

Conversation is you in 3D, HD, live.

11. Conversations affirm you: An encouraging word can affirm others in ways you’ll never know. People need others to pick them up when the world is beating them down, and remind them of their value.

12. Conversations give you a new perspective: Each one of us is a variety of personality & experience. New perspectives help us appreciate different points of view, and see the world in a way we couldn’t have on our own.

13. Conversations start messages: When you share a thought with someone, you never know where it will be repeated or passed on.

14. Conversations showcase your personality: Our looks or online image are no match for a conversation in showcasing your personality. Talking to someone is you in 3D, HD, live.

15. Conversations repair relationships: When hurt creeps into a relationship, talking it through puts you on the path to healing.

16. Conversations help you process pain & confusion: When overwhelming thoughts are bouncing around inside your head, conversation is the best way to let them out and make some sense of them. This won’t often result in an instant remedy, but combined with time the pain & confusion becomes easier to manage.

17. Conversation is a source for discovering new things: In a world of ignored advertising, conversation is often the best place to discover things with merit. They may include new movies, activities to try, or tasty foods.

18. Conversation makes you more attractive: Good looks quickly wear thin without personality & chemistry to back them up. Unless you have an obnoxious or vapid personality, conversation helps people get to know you. And deeper connections create attraction. Ultimately, most of would rather be with someone who was funny-looking but interesting rather than someone who was pretty but dull.

19. Conversation inspires & motivates: Talking to someone opens up ideas & encourages you to get cracking. Whether it’s reigniting a plan that been dormant for a while, or just a matter of seizing the day, conversation can be the catalyst.

20. Conversation is where we learn: There are lots of opportunity to learn, but in conversation we can ask questions and explore things we don’t know about.

Conversation is a powerful thing.

Let’s Talk.