When showing appreciation for someone, do your words really make an impact?

For instance, you’re at the end of a dinner party. As you’re leaving, you may use generic phrases like:

“Thanks for inviting me.”
“Thanks, it was a lovely evening.”
“You did a great job.”

Regardless of whether these sentiments are genuinely sincere or not, they may just sound like token comments.

Being polite is a fine thing, but how about taking things to another level?

A great way to show your appreciation is to be specific.

Pick something from the night and single it out as being of particular note.

“That meatloaf was delicious.”
“That cheesecake you made was incredible.”
“Thanks for organising this. It’s been ages since we’ve caught up and I’ve really enjoyed talking to you.”

Not only are you demonstrating a thoughtful appreciation of the night, valuing your host & affirming their talents, you’re also picking something from the evening that will stand-out in your memory.

Being polite is a fine thing, but how about taking things to another level?

Saying “I love you” to someone is always good to say. Saying it often is also a good thing. But when it’s said often, it risks sounding like reflex. So add a little extra potency to it periodically by being specific. Add a reason to the “I love you”.

“Thanks for making me laugh today. I love you.”
“Thanks for listening to me today and putting up with my craziness. I love you.”
“You are really special to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you.”
“Your kisses still make me buzz. I love you.”

Taking a comment beyond what is expected demonstrates sincerity.

That sincere appreciation affirms the recipient. When people have made an effort, often they just want to know it was meaningful.

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