There is no one-rule-fits-all when starting conversations with people. There are different types of conversationalists, each with their pros & cons. Previously we have examined Still Waters and The Jester.

One of our favorite talkers is the Open Book.

The Open Book isn’t afraid to share a little of themselves. In fact, they aren’t shy at all to share a lot of themselves.

They will reveal secrets about themselves within five minutes of you meeting them. No topic is off-limits. They are very easy people to engage with.

The Open Book can sometimes share too much too quickly. For some this may be OK, but for others it might be too soon to be so familiar. They may feel like they are hearing information that is too personal so soon after meeting. Is the Open Book talking about their bladder operation? I just met them. And I’m trying to eat.

People talking to an Open Book can also feel pressured, because they aren’t as willing to share as much as the Open Book is. Which is fair.

While the Open Book is admirable for not feeling a need to hold back & not have secrets, it can make them a difficult person to confide in. There is the concern that they may accidently mention your issues to someone else in conversation. It isn’t done maliciously, just recklessly. So you play it safe and hold back personal information from them as they spill their guts.

On the other hand, Open Books can be very interesting people to talk to. If you want a real moment with someone, an Open Book will easily give it to you. If you want to probe someone’s mind, an Open Book will quite happily let you do it with them.

And you can talk at length with them, depending on how open you are willing to be with them.

Open Books are the kind of people who very quickly become friends.


You yourself may be an open book if:

  • You feel uninhibited when making conversation.
  • You have a tendency to trust people more than you should.
  • You are comfortable discussing taboo topics.