Football is the social fabric of Australian society. It’s discussed constantly over coffees at work, beers with friends & as a go-to topic when meeting new people.

And it’s disappeared for the next 6 months. Panic.

Steven Benbow, conversation expert for Awkward Silence, suggests what we can talk about instead in the post grand final social anxiety.

“Footy is such an easy default discussion topic as most Australians at least follow a football team, but the off-season is a chance to find out something else about each other” said Mr Benbow.  

Awkward Silence suggest being prepared by having other conversation starters up your sleeve.

“We send out new conversation starters all the time. There are so many other things to discuss that most people have hardly begun to scratch the surface of getting to know each other” he said.

“If you want to start off light, ask someone what their favorite smell is, or where they have travelled, or what bucket list item they are achieving next, or what they would have said instead if they were the first person on the moon”.

“And once everyone is comfortable, try some deeper questions like ‘What would teach your children about alcohol?‘, ‘Is it OK for couples to have secrets from each other?‘, or my favorite ‘When was the last time you cried?’.

Trying new conversation topics makes the conversation a bit more personal than the neutral footy conversations, and allows for deeper connections to blossom.

“If Australians want easy vibrant conversation, we can help them.”

 “Australians shouldn’t spend the next 6 months just talking about the weather. Now is the time for rewarding conversation” said Mr Benbow.

Conversation is where we learn & grow. It’s where we connect and friendships come alive. It’s where ideas bloom and diversity is celebrated.

Footy season is over, a new season of conversation has begun.


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