70% of people are content with living on repeat. They have the same conversations day in, day out. They resist new ideas. They don’t like to think outside the box. They want to keep people at a certain distance. They are happy to be boring. And that’s fine, it’s who they are.

30% are the opposite. They thrive on being interesting. They enjoy being unique. They delight in engaging with people, and taking their friendships to a deeper level. They embrace new ideas. They are inspired when contemplating the unknown. They want to see a new side of themselves.

Are you part of the 30%?

Awkward Silence is a new approach to conversation.

Conversation is a powerful thing. It’s where ideas bloom. It’s where bonds are forged. It’s what keeps connection alive. It’s where we see the world in a new light, from a different perspective. It’s where inspiration meets synergy.

Find yourself talking about things you had never considered before. Ask the questions you have never asked before.

Engage. Explore. Discover.

Awkward Silence is not for everyone, it’s for the 30%.

Are you part of the 30%? Maybe. Find out. Try something new.